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About Nugent

Mechanical Contractors

Nugent Mechanical has been serving the Lubbock and surrounding areas since 1999. When we started the company we wanted to be able to provide friends, family and customers a full service air conditioning and heating company that offered affordable prices, great products, and experienced technicians. At Nugent Mechanical we take pride in being the premiere HVAC company you can trust to get the job done right.

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Our Mission and Values

The mission of Nugent Mechanical Contractors is to be the quality and professional HVAC contractors serving Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas with honesty and innovation to provide our customers only with what they actually need. 



We want to be the quality option when people in our serving area think about needing HVAC work done. We only want to offer dependable solutions that are both reliable and affordable.



Not only do we want to be the best price and quality, we also want our customers to trust we have the knowledge and skill to solve their HVAC problems. 


We want to be honest in how we are solving our customer’s problems not only in the solution we offer our clients, but how we price that solution as well. 

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Keeping a competitive edge is important in any industry and the HVAC is no acceptation. We want to remain innovative in the market offering only the most cutting-edge solutions for our clients. 


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